Thomson X recently announced a joint venture (JV) with telehealth provider WhiteCoat, which will enable WhiteCoat to capture a more sustainable area of growth, and provide better value for its consumer base. The JV will also see WhiteCoat launch a mobile application offering online-to-offline healthcare services that meet the health and wellness needs of women and children.
Our portfolio company Rever - a Vietnam-based prop-tech startup has recently raised US$10.2 million in their latest funding round. Rever plans to use the funds raised to expand into 20 cities, build 200 transaction centers, and employ 20,000 agents in Vietnam by 2025. 
Singapore-based startup Jenfi has raised US$6.3 million in a Series A round with Golden Equator Ventures and Korea Investment Partners (via the GEC-KIP Fund) participating in the fundraising. Growth financing for early-stage non-profitable startups can be tricky as they don't fit into the traditional customer mold for financial institutions.
Ohmyhome raised US$5 million in a Series A round and its valuation has hit US$45 million, double from the previous Series A raise led by Golden Equator Ventures. 
“No one said it would be easy, but no one said it would be this hard,” said Vault Dragon Medical's Founder and CEO, Ching-Tse Tseng, as he shares his entrepreneurship journey. Starting as a logistics technology solutions company in 2013, Tseng pivoted his startup to contribute to the digital transformation of Singapore's healthcare industry.
WhiteCoat, Singapore’s leading telemedicine platform for on-demand remote healthcare services, has raised S$10.8 million in a Series A round led by the GEC- KIP Technology and Innovation Fund, co-managed by Korea Investment Partners (KIP) and Singapore-headquartered Golden Equator Ventures (GEV). The funding marks the largest Series A raised by a Singapore-based telemedicine company